Copy and paste the command below on a Raspberry Pi running the latest Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64-bit) image to install BirdNET-Pi.

curl -s | bash

What BirdNET-Pi Does

  • 24/7 recording from any USB sound card/microphone
  • 24/7 local BirdNET-Lite analysis
  • Automatically extracts the detected songs, chirps, and peeps from recordings
  • Creates spectrograms of each recorded bird sound
  • Enters each detection into a local SQlite database for storage and data visualization
  • Hosts its own Caddy web server so that the data can be accessed from any web browser or device (can be configured to be local only or can easily be made public to share with the world — check out the public installations below!)
  • Offers local Streamlit database analysis to visualize daily and long-term presence data
  • Apprise Notifications supporting 70+ notification platforms
  • Live audio stream
  • integration
Visualize your data!
Spectrograms for each recording

Make your installation public to share with the world